The Incredible Shrinking Woman

About 12 February 2008


After years of hiding behind excess weight, I’ve decided to tackle the situation head-on and become the person that, frankly, I think I deserve to be.  I want to record my thoughts and experiences, more for myself than anything, and have decided to share them too.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Joanne

    I have stumbled across your blog by sheer accident whilst reading through some posts on the Lighter life community website, and i have to say i have loved reading your blog! It has given me a thorough and honest account of what i am about to expect. It has made me smile, laugh and even cry.

    I went to an information session last night and i cannot wait to see the Dr on Monday to sign my form, so i can begin Lighter Life as soon as possible.

    I am 25, and have been overweight since i was 18. Before that i was actually very slim and athletic, i was even a model!

    Even though i have been to Weight Watchers many times in the past five years i have never managed to lose more than a two stone at a time, and subsequently put it all and more back on again.

    I now feel it is time to let this excess six and half stone go, and be the real me again as i have been hiding for too long.

    Sorry for my little ramble, i just wanted to give you a little insight into my plight, as you have been kind enough to do the same for me. I may even begin my own blog to look back on an arduous, but rather sensational journey, as it must really be wonderful to see how far you have come in such a short time.

    Thank you for the extra inspiration and i hope you reach your goal so you an have a fab time on your summer holiday?!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend


  2. ecjc Says:

    I am proud of you, girl.

    Not just because you are witholding from yourself all the pleasures we used to consider normal and defend to ourselves (wine, good food, treating ourselves with them after a hard day – darn I still do defend it!) but because you can really hold a sentence.

    I’ve skimmed a few of your entries and (if you don’t mind) fully intend to enjoy the rest. Probably over a glass of wine (just the one, as that is now monitored by an on line diary… so you’re not alone in your quest!).


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