The Incredible Shrinking Woman

New Goals, New Challenges, New Status 8 July 2010

My goodness the marathon seems like an eternity ago ūüôā

I took the opportunity afterwards to take a break from running (and blogging) and let my body and brain recover from all the excitement.¬† It was long overdue, frankly … any of you who’ve run a marathon or who are training for one will know that it starts to take over your whole life and it’s very strange when it’s over.¬† If I think about it, I struggle to believe that I’ve actually done it.¬† It’s a bit like my friends’ descriptions of childbirth … you forget all about it just so you might do it again!

I also have some news.¬† We went away for the weekend immediately¬†following the race and The Boy took both of us by surprise by deciding to propose.¬† So I’m now happily betrothed and in the early throes of wedding planning.¬† Part of that planning, of course, involves choosing a dress.¬† I mentioned in my last post that I was worried about my weight creeping in the wrong direction.¬† I still am, especially after a long holiday in Australia where the food was delicious and the beer plentiful.¬† Well,¬†the imminent prospect of a short walk in a long dress means that I’m hell bent on getting to a comfortable weight and finally managing to maintain that in the long term.¬† Then I can float down the aisle in the most gorgeous dress imaginable without feeling like an overstuffed sausage.¬† I also won’t look back on the photos and think ‘why didn’t you rein in the pie eating before the big day’?¬† I’m exaggerating, but you take my point.

So, what steps am I taking?¬† On the food front, I’m back to counting calories.¬† It’s funny, I always resort to this, which probably means that it’s the best long term solution for me.¬† At the moment I’m recording everything that passes my lips and trying to keep to around 1300 calories a day.¬† I’ll let you know how I get on with that.¬† I have a sneaking suspicion that alcohol is the problem rather than food, to be honest.

Exercise-wise, I’m back in training.¬† I literally stepped off the plane back from Sydney, dropped my suitcase at home, and went to the gym.¬† It might sound silly, but I kept promising myself I’d do that as I sat relaxing on Bondi beach looking in awe at the athletic locals pounding up and down the sand.¬† I’ve managed to keep up a high level of exercise ever since, which I’m pleased about (that said, this week has been something of a disaster).¬† I’m running again … I’m nearly totally repaired after the race (barring the fact that I still only have nine toenails, sorry!) and am back up to 4.5 miles.¬† I’ve signed up for the Windsor half marathon at the end of September, and my formal schedule begins next week.¬† I’ve opted for quite an aggressive schedule that aims to get you in below 2 hours … realistically I don’t expect to achieve that but want to aim high rather than being complacent.

So with lots of enthusiasm and vigour, here I go again!¬† I didn’t think that the battle to lose the weight and keep it off would be a two and a half year journey (to date), but I’m not throwing in the towel just yet.