The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days 570 to 591 – Marathon, one, Lighter Life, nil 3 September 2009

All change for me again … or perhaps I should say that my journey has simply taken another turn.  I found out the hard way (dizzy spells, exhaustion, lack of motivation) that my current exercise regime and lighter life don’t mix.  Now before anyone gets up in arms, I would like to stress that this is personal to me and not necessarily true for all of you (or any of you, for that matter).  When I did the diet the first time around, I managed lots of walking and a bit of swimming, nothing more.  I’m currently running four times a week, personal training for an hour, and invariably going to the gym for an additional cross training or cycling session.  That’s quite a lot of exercise on 500 calories a day.

So, I faced a tough decision.  Remain on lighter life and cut back on the exercise or go back to normal eating and keep with the new regime.  With an eye on my long term goals, and the marathon in particular, I chose the latter.  I’ve set myself the new target of being roughly 1.5 stone lighter by January based on healthy eating and exercise.  Will I achieve that?  Only time (and willpower) will tell.  It was a shame because my new lighter life group seemed really nice, after a bit of a rocky start with only two of us, and I’m sure we would have made a lot of progress together.  Good luck to them!

The running is going really well. I’m almost up to the distances that I was achieving before I screwed up my back earlier in the year.  I ran 4 miles last Sunday and am scheduled to do 6 on the next.  I’m optimistic about that.  My back seems to be holding out, due to better stretching and a very focused plan with my personal trainer.  Concentrating on my abs, my core and my overall stability has really helped.  I feel like I’m running with my whole body once again, which is brilliant.  Now all I have to do is keep dragging myself out there and keep increasing the mileage.

As for the healthy eating … well let’s just say that the bank holiday weekend did me few favours, but I’ve been compensating since.  Once I get into the habit of porridge or healthy cereal for breakfast, a light lunch, healthy snacks at intervals and low-carb evenings then I’m fine.  I get on a roll.  I’ve not dared to go near the scales since going back to food, but will brave them soon.  I’m too old to be afraid of some bathroom scales!


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