The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days 535 to 569 – What’s 26 miles, anyway? 12 August 2009

I’VE GOT A MARATHON PLACE!  The lovely people at Barnardo’s have kindly given me a place on the proviso that I raise at least £1600 on their behalf.  Oh, that will be a breeze … *gulp*.

When I got the news I was literally bouncing up and down with joy.  Running that race, in whatever time I achieve, will represent the final milestone (no pun intended) in the journey from ‘old me’ to ‘new me’.  To go from an obese couch potato to a marathon runner in two years is such an incredible thing that I find it quite staggering.  I know that I’ll need to hold on to that thought when I’m splashing through muddy puddles on Clapham Common in freezing rain some time in February … just keep visualising the finish line, that’s what I say!

So my training has begun.  My intention is to follow a training plan that will take me to half marathon distance this side of Christmas (I may actually run one if I can find one that suits) and then begin the serious training after that.  I’ve been advised by pretty much everybody who knows anything about running marathons that the sooner I start, the better.  To be honest, I need the focus as my training has been a little haphazard since returning from the US at the end of June.

My lighter life progress has been a bit up and down too.  I’m losing weight consistently (over a stone in three weeks) but I’ve found it very difficult to be as disciplined this time as I was previously.  I’m trying my damnedest to keep on track … I know that if I keep falling off the wagon then I’m simply shooting myself in the foot by slowing down the loss.  To be honest, if I don’t manage to keep myself in check, then I’ll need to think very seriously about whether to continue.  I’m going to give it another week and see how I go … as we all know the speedy weight loss becomes very seductive the longer you go on, so maybe that will help!

So … here’s to the second biggest challenge of my life (the first being the weight loss).  I have only three words, and three which I overuse quite a bit … BRING IT ON! 🙂


2 Responses to “Days 535 to 569 – What’s 26 miles, anyway?”

  1. Sue Barter Says:

    hi there,
    have been very inspired by your lighterlife journey blog!
    Just to let you know I am on day 53 and counting down the days, hours and minutes to the end. You have come a long way and i just wanted to say, so what if you feel you’ve had a little stumble trip off the wagon- look how far you’ve come and the achievements that you have made.
    Think of that when you know you’ve had a bad day but it really doesn’t matter because one little mistake isn’t going to cause such a crooked thought of undoing all the good work.
    You are an inspiration to all us lighter-lifers and I thank you for sharing it with us!
    Here’s to my 43 days left- my 30.5lb loss so far and another 28 to go!
    Best wishes
    Sue Barter

  2. Mrs Lard Says:

    Good luck with your marathon training and Abstinence 2 as I named the second stint with friends.

    Your attitude sounds very healthy and it’s great to read about your achievements.

    Keep going.


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