The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days 527 to 534 – Back In The Swing 28 July 2009

I went to my group last night and was delighted to find that I’ve lost 3kg/6lb since last Monday.  That’s a very satisfying 4kg/8lb since starting this ten days ago.  Hooray!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t need the boost.  While there’s a sense of familiarity with the diet that’s standing me in good stead, it’s definitely harder the second time around.  That’s completely understandable, really.  Nobody gets to the end of this diet the first time and thinks ‘ooh, I’ll definitely be doing THAT again’ … unless they’re crackers, that is.  So I’m pleased on all counts … pleased that it’s working, pleased that I’ve managed to slip back into it relatively painlessly and pleased that my jeans feel baggier already.

Last week was quite tough in terms of the situations I found myself in.  I sat through one of the world’s most boring all day meetings on Friday … usually (as I’ve said in this blog before) carte blanche to tuck into the biscuits and goodies to alleviate the dullness and stay awake.  Not for me, obviously.  I was the one skating the fine line between drinking sufficient fluid and taking so much caffeine on board that I resembled a zombie on a cakewalk.  They even served Ben & Jerry’s mid-afternoon, but I stuck to my guns while cookie dough was devoured all around me.

Then on Saturday we went to visit friends in Cirencester.  Despite assurances to the contrary, I pretty much sat and watched people eat and drink from lunchtime on Saturday until breakfast on Sunday.  Pub lunch … great idea!  Evening barbecue … even better!  But I busied myself with washing up, instigating the ‘name that cider’ challenge (because I was the only one not drinking and therefore impartial) and accidentally creating explosive drinks with sparkling mineral water and Sunrise Orange drink mix.

The thing is, it’s not really a hardship.  Anyone can look at their social diary and think ‘well, I can’t be in abstinence that week because x is happening, or on that day because of y’ … it’s a cliche but there’s never a good time to be doing this.  When I found myself feeling hard done by, I cast my mind back to last year and tried to think of any significant events that I’d missed out on through dieting.  I couldn’t think of one, and that’s the honest truth.  It might be frustrating at the time, but I doubt very much that I’ll look back in years to come and think ‘if onlyI’d been able to have that scotch egg at Fred’s summer picnic in July 2008 then I could die a happy woman’.  Well, I hope not, anyway.

One thing I’ve got to be careful about is picking at food.  When I did this before I was religious about it.  Not a morsel of illegal food passed my lips during foundation and, with a couple of key exceptions, most of development.  I’m currently finding myself tempted to ‘sample’ scraps of meat from the Boy’s plate.  It’s a bad habit and I need to break it.  I’ll kick myself if I knock myself out of ketosis for the sake of a pea-sized sliver of something forbidden.  What’s the point?

I’m also back in training.  I had my first session with my new trainer yesterday and it was great to be back in the saddle (as it were).  I’m still wondering whether or not to tell him about the diet, mainly because I’m reasonably certain that he wouldn’t be keen on it.  I’m going to mull that one over before I see him again.  I’m also embarking on a half marathon training programme with a view to running 13 miles (in a race or on my own) in the autumn.  That will stand me in good stead for the proper marathon training from January … if I finally manage to secure a place, that is.

So I’m feeling good and very positive.  Let’s hope that frame of mind carries me through the weeks to come.


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