The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days 373 to 380 – Fitness one, weight nil. 24 February 2009

I’m exercising like a demon.  I’m finding it easier to get out of bed in the morning and am managing to stick to my rather punishing schedule of four cardio sessions a week, which is great.  I don’t find myself thinking ‘oh I can’t be arsed today’, I find myself thinking ‘if I don’t do it today then I’ll just have to do it tomorrow’, which is quite a significant mind shift from my old, lazy self.

And it’s paying off.  I’m conscious that, whatever type of exercise or fitness challenge I set myself, it’s getting easier all the time.  I’m a million miles away from ‘super fit’, but I’m not sure I’d still class myself as ‘unfit’.  That’s what keeps me going on the treadmill in the morning.  Talking of which, I’m trying to mix it up between outdoor running and indoor running.  At the beginning I was super keen to reject the gym in favour of the great outdoors, but there are definite benefits to combining the two.  Not only is it a bit more gentle on my joints (especially as a relative novice) but I can vary my speed and incline at will … it’s all very well being able to plod along a flat pavement, but I need to start tackling those hills.

On the diet front, last week wasn’t so great.  I knew that long, catered meetings would play havoc with my good intentions.  It was partly because the food on offer wasn’t particularly healthy, and partly because I simply lacked the willpower to avoid some of the naughty things available.  I’m not going to make excuses … I buggered up.

But … I’ve picked myself up!  I ate so healthily yesterday that I deserve a halo, frankly, and I intend to do the same all week.  I can’t start throwing in the towel because of one week’s setback.

I also bit the bullet on Sunday and applied for the New York marathon.  I find out in May whether or not I’ve been successful.  So keep your fingers crossed for me … 🙂


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