The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days 148 & 149 – A Sad Day 9 July 2008

I was in two minds about whether to write today.  I had some bad news this morning.  A very close family friend died earlier today after battling a lung disease for some months.  He was a man that had been a huge part of my family’s life for many years … not only, as he reminded me once, had he known me since I was born but he was also my nephew’s grandfather.  We’re all very sad that he’s gone and, even though we knew how ill he was, are still shocked that he’s not with us anymore. 

My mother was the person that called me with the news.  I know that she finds it very hard to accept that her friends and contemporaries are getting old and that their health is not as robust as it once was.  I understand how she feels … when you’ve known people since childhood you always think of them as the grown-ups, the strong ones, the ones that look after you.  That feeling never leaves you and to see these people becoming frail and dependent is hard.  It doesn’t seem right.  And, without sounding flippant or trite, it really brings home how important it is to look after your health.  When I first met my lighter life counsellor she asked me what my ultimate aim was in losing weight.  I told her that I didn’t want to die early, and that’s the simple truth.  Having been thinking about Sean, his family and our relationship over the last few days I’ve been so conscious of how important it is to be healthy so that, in plain terms, you can be with the people that you love for as long as possible.  Isn’t that what life’s about, in the end?

Sorry to be so serious today.  I know I’m usually much more cheery, but it seems weirdly disrespectful to talk about food or diets or fashion (or whatever I normally blather on about) when people that I care about are so desperately unhappy.  All I will say is that, for anyone who’s close to giving up, your friends and family really want you to keep doing what you’re doing.  They don’t want to lose you.

I’ll miss you, Sean.  You were a fantastic man and I loved you very much.  I’m glad that my sister has Eddie to remind us of you, that you had the time to meet him, and I’m sorry that he won’t have the chance to get to know his grandfather.  We’ll do what we can to make up for that.


2 Responses to “Days 148 & 149 – A Sad Day”

  1. Samantha Says:

    Sorry about your sad news.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Joanne,

    A touching, thoughtful and respectful post. So sorry to hear your sad news. A time to take extra care of yourself and your loved ones. Take it easy.


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