The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days 141 & 142 – Getting Into A Rhythm 2 July 2008

Did a woman ever get as excited by a yoghurt as I did this afternoon?  Possibly not.  In fact, hopefully not.  But low fat yoghurt is on the menu this week and I almost danced a jig in Tesco when I approached the Muller Lights.  Oh happy days!

I’m settling into the management regime now.  It’s psychologically a bit odd to be on a diet where you add foods over time, rather than cut them out, but it seems to be going OK.  God alone knows what the scales will say on Thursday evening … I’m prepared to have gained (eek!) because of the calorie increase, the glycogen storage and the extra exercise, but it will still be a bit galling to see the scales go in the wrong direction.  As I plough up and down the pool (four swims since starting managment and counting) I keep reminding myself that I’m not on a diet any more, I’m in the process of managing my life.  And that life will include ups and downs in my weight.  For now I have to think tone, tone, tone … as a fleeting glance at my jelly belly constantly reminds me!

I was quite well behaved on Monday night, at a client party of epic proportions.  The setting was perfect (a beautiful roof terrace in the middle of Soho), the music was loud and the booze was flowing.  I counted myself slowly through five glasses of champagne (yes, I know that was five too many) and navigated the canapes.  So by the time I yawned my way to bed at a very respectable 1am I felt that I’d not done too badly.  I did make a deal with myself to swim it all off on Tuesday morning, but the inevitable hangover put paid to that and I went on Tuesday evening instead.  Debit and credit, that’s what it’s all about.

I’m down to two packs a day, rather than the requisite three at this stage, after a discussion with my counsellor.  The packs are delightfully filling when you’re in abstinence, but I found that adding a proper meal into the equation made the third pack impossible.  So no more soups for me … oh boy, am I pleased to see the back of them.  I’d far rather reach for a handful of sugar snap peas or a slice of chicken if I get peckish and, again, that is good training for dealing with snack attacks in the future.  I can’t always reach for that handy little lighter life bar, can I?

So tonight means another swim, and tomorrow the scary weigh-in.  Keep it all crossed for me!


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