The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day 135 – A New Regime 25 June 2008

Oh la, what a day!  I have a big presentation tomorrow, and appear to be the only person on the team who isn’t getting their knickers into a massive twist about it.  I’m not sure why … maybe some people use panic as a mechanism to motivate themselves, but I do wish they’d sod off and panic somewhere else 🙂

So I’m taking ten minutes out for a bit of sanity to write on here.  Yesterday was great … I saw it as the first proper day of my new management regime and I was very excited (if slightly nervous that I might accidentally gain some weight … that would be unbelievably depressing).  I went for my swim on the way home, having looked forward to it all day.  And it wasn’t a disappointment!  It’s hard to describe how odd it has been having such limited energy.  It was like I wasn’t in control of my own body … but now I’m optimistic that increased calories and increased exercise will put a bit more of my old boing back into me.  I managed 20 minutes before I thought I was going to fall asleep in the water, and I’m aiming for 30 when I go back on Thursday.  I was a little nervous about appearing in swimwear for the first time since the diet began … not only am I a bit squidgy (if much thinner!) but my inexpert adventures with fake tan have left me with alarmingly orange legs and feet (that don’t match the rest of me) so I look a bit daft with my clothes off.  So I wandered out of the cubicle, very conscious about my tangerine pins, in a costume that is new-ish but annoyingly a little baggy, my swimming hat half pulled across my head (they’re sexy things, aren’t they?) and bumped into a friend of mine.  Her first comment?  ‘Wow, you look great!’.  She’s either mad or blind.

Then I went home and cooked some food that I was actually going to eat for the first time in months.  I know that a lot of you who read this are still in abstinence, so I won’t dwell on food too much, but I baked a monkfish tail (never done that before) and it was delicious.  I was so stuffed after what seemed like a conservative serving that I could barely move for an hour … but it was worth it.  It was also great that me and the Boy could sit down at the same time and eat (almost) the same dinner.  He’s gamely volunteered to eat the management foods with me over the coming weeks (with a few amendments) which is very lovely of him because I can finally stop feeling like a freaky eater.  Hurrah.  And it will probably do his waistline some good too … 🙂

Tonight could be a late one if everything goes pear-shaped, but I don’t care because I’m feeling on top of the world (I had a ridiculous endorphine high after the swim) and there are some fresh prawns awaiting my attention when I get home.  If I feel this good for the next twelve weeks then it’s going to be well worth it.

I also had a delightful and novel experience this morning.  I took a brand new belt to the shoe repairer at the tube to have six (yes, six) extra holes punched into it so it’s small enough to wear.  And it’s a normal person belt not a fat person belt, in case you’re wondering.  It made me really happy … sad, eh?


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