The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day 128 – More Milestones 18 June 2008

I was down in sunny Slough again today and on the way back I got a little, er, distracted by the branch of Monsoon at Paddington station.  I should say that I adore Monsoon … I know that their clothes are fearsomely expensive, but I love them.  Many years ago, I used to work opposite a branch and I told myself that if I was ever thin I would shop there.  Then, in recent years, they started selling larger sizes (up to 22) and I almost wept with happiness.  They are genuinely the only retailer on the high street that offers nice, stylish clothing above a size 18.  So they have a special place in my heart.

Well, after that long-winded intro I’ll get to the point.  I spotted a beautiful dress in the window on the way back to work and decided to try it.  I discovered two things.  Firstly, in their sizes (which aren’t generous) I am now a 14 on my top half and a 12 on my bottom half (hooray!).  That is a fantastic achievement for me.  Secondly, I can actually carry off a dark pink floor-length halter neck dress with aplomb 🙂  So my credit card is feeling the pain at the moment, but I’m so so so happy with my shrinking achievements that I could skip with joy.  Monsoon Size 12?  Bloody hell that feels good.

So as you may have gathered I’m much more chipper than I have been over recent days.  I survived the colossal food fest which was yesterday’s meeting … I had a blackly comic moment when the client sitting next to me observed me opening my third bottle of mineral water and asked me if I was diabetic.  He looked really serious (and diabetes is serious) but it was hard not to giggle.  I simply said that lots of water was part of my regime, and he swallowed that (no pun intended).

I’m cooking tonight for my Dad and the Boy (spag bol, I think) and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ve used cooking as therapy throughout this diet, but with all the kerfuffle around moving out of the house I’ve not cooked for ages and I really miss it.  So I’m excited about getting stuck in (I make a mean bolognese sauce).  Hopefully it will be a success … I’m a little nervous about my ability to cook in my Dad’s bachelor kitchen.  The Boy was complaining the other night that he couldn’t find something as basic as a spatula.  Oh well, bolognese is easy as long as I can find a pan!

I’ve been invited to a 30th birthday cocktail party in July, at quite a swanky venue.  It will be peopled with lots of my ex-colleagues that I’ve not seen for a good while.  Time for a big reveal of the new me in my gorgeous new pink dress, don’t you think?


One Response to “Day 128 – More Milestones”

  1. meow6881 Says:

    That’s brilliant – i think i know the dress you mean… i’m using it as a goal!! You’ll look fab, what an achievement!!

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