The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day 127 – Yippee! 17 June 2008

I’ve finally broken the curse.  I’ve lost another 6 lbs bringing my total to date to a respectable 87 lbs or 39 kilos.  That’s 4 bags of coal.  How the hell did I carry that around with me?  My poor old bones.  The good news is that I now have renewed vigour to attack my final three weeks of abstinence.  Bring it on!

I met my new group last night, and what a lively bunch they are.  We’ve been a bit fragmented over the last couple of weeks with the merger of a few foundation groups that were finishing around the same time.  It’s weird, but I’d got so used to my old group that it was actually a bit daunting to find myself in a room full of strangers again (none of my original group went into development, for various reasons).  It was also a bit scary when two of the women said to me ‘we’ve heard about you, are you the one who’s really focused?’.  It’s flattering, obviously, to think that I’ve had praise from my counsellor, but it did make me feel a bit like some kind of lighter life robocop.  Oh well, if the cap fits!

This is just a quick post today … I’m in an all day meeting with various global bigwigs (all clients) which necessitated a 6.30 departure from London this morning.  Much as I love vanilla shakes for breakfast, they’re a little hard to stomach at that ungodly hour, but I did it.  This is a quarterly meeting, and the last time I was here (11th March, I think) I wrote a post about the unbelievable amount of food that was consumed during the day.  I’m currently sitting adjacent to a generous plate of pastries that would keep an entire primary school of children fed for a day or two, so it looks like today will be no different.  So, for everyone else in the room, let the munching commence … 🙂


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