The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days 124 to 126 – Optimistic 16 June 2008

Now I’m not a religious woman but I’m praying that my loss this week is an improvement on the last two.  If not, then I’ll have to resort to desperate measures and try a week without bars (it doesn’t bear thinking about).  It occurred to me that I might as well have moved into management a fortnight ago, but I guess that’s not the way to think.  So hopefully tonight will go well.

The weekend was great.  We achieved lots on the house … and I kept thinking how good for my upper arms all the vigorous sanding of walls and cupboards must be!  So even though it knackered me out completely, hopefully I’ll see the results when I go on holiday in August and won’t be too flabby by the pool.  I was even consciously changing hands every once in a while so that both arms got exercised … is that a bit sad?

We also went to a barbecue on Saturday afternoon.  It was lovely to see everyone and sit in the garden in the sun, but if you’re not eating anything then it becomes a bit of a chore.  There were also people there that I don’t know and they were curious as to why I wasn’t racing for a plate of meat along with everyone else.  I really couldn’t be bothered to get into the whole discussion so I (rather rudely) skirted around the question.  The thing is, once you tell people about lighter life it normally results in at least half an hour of discussion … which for the people I do know well is getting a bit boring after all this time!  On a positive note, I received lots of flattering comments from people that know me well, and you can’t beat those.

The decorator officially started in my house today, which I’m ludicrously excited about (despite having to get up at the crack of dawn to meet him at 7am … ugh).  It should all be done in about 4 weeks, around the time that I go into management.  New house, new me, new food adventures.  I don’t mean to wish away June, but I can’t wait for the beginning of July.  In the meantime we’re still at my Dad’s flat … he’s home tonight for a few days so it should be interesting for him to be living with me, the Boy and the cat when he’s used to his own space.  Hopefully we’ll manage not to kill each other before the weekend …

The cost of the house refurbishment has also put a halt to my retail binges … in particular my hours spend idly on!  It’s just so painfully tempting when you have as few clothes as I do … but I’m trying to be restrained.  Lighter life has taught me that I have no boundaries, and the worst thing I could do would be replace food with shopping!  Then I would have learnt no self control whatsoever.

So … another trepidant Monday before the weigh-in.  Here’s hoping that it’s a good one.


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