The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day 123 – Knobbly Knees 13 June 2008

I’ve braved it.  I’ve got my legs out today … in the office!  I sincerely can’t remember the last time that I wore a skirt to work.  It’s making me feel bizarrely naked (despite the tights and boots that go with it) but I’m glad that I bit the bullet.  I had a momentary hover by the front door this morning and almost went running for the jeans, but decided not to.  I may be many things but hopefully I’m not a coward!

I’m so relieved it’s Friday.  This week has dragged like all hell.  And unbelievably it’s my seventeenth weekend on the diet.  Seventeen sober Friday nights!  That is definitely a record.  I think it’s on a Friday that I’m conscious about being on the diet the most … I don’t get to participate in that ‘end of week’ celebratory feeling as much as I used to.  You know how it is … people start to drift off late in the afternoon and, given that I work in Soho, sunny evenings outside pubs are normally on the cards.  Of course I can still go, but I do miss that ‘first pint of the weekend’ wind down.  Oh well, not much longer to go!  I have to say, though, that getting up earlier on a Saturday (minus hangover) and getting stuff done has been a big perk … much as I love a good lie-in it’s also great to make the most of my precious days off.

This weekend means more DIY, which I have to say that I enjoy, and another barbecue.  I’m finding barbecues a real struggle, I have to be honest.  I really love the whole sociable eating aspect of them, and I do feel like an outsider standing there with just my mineral water for company.  The good news is that I’ll be able to participate quite early on in management … grilled chicken for me!

I’m sounding very moany today, aren’t I?  Well, I shouldn’t be.  It’s the weekend, the weather’s cheered up, I feel great and all is good with the world.  Bring on the summer!


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