The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days 121 to 122 – Ups & Downs 12 June 2008

Ha!  I said in my last post I might not manage to stay off the bars for a week … well, I didn’t manage for a day.  To be fair, I was on auto pilot and had unwrapped one (raspberry and cranberry, if you’re interested) before I remembered my intention.  Well, let’s see how I do at the weigh-in on Monday.  There’s always next week.

The last couple of days have been a bit odd.  I think I’ve picked up some sort of bug because my insides have been all over the place since Monday night.  I had to skulk at home yesterday because I didn’t trust myself to be too far away from a bathroom (sorry if that’s too much information).  But I seem to be a bit better now … and at least I didn’t have to have the should I / shouldn’t I eat anything debate.  I just carried on with the packs as normal.

On the plus side, I feel as if I’m back in the weight loss zone now.  I said that I felt I wasn’t shifting anything over the past couple of weeks, like I’d hit some kind of dietary roadblock, but that feeling has gone away and I’ve got that ‘lightness’ back that I’ve had throughout the diet.  I also put on a pair of smart trousers this morning that were on the tight side when I bought them three weeks ago (I needed at least one pair that weren’t jeans!) and now, if anything, they’re verging on loose.  And here’s a query … how come in all other trousers I’m nudging a size 12, whereas these are from Gap and they’re a 16?  That doesn’t make any sense to me … do they punish their customers with misleadingly large sizing?

I went to visit my client this morning (hence the smart trousers).  When I arrived I was chatting to the receptionist who, for various reasons, hasn’t seen me for a few weeks.  Her first comment was ‘there’s something very different about you, what is it?’.  I suggested it might be my (shorter, blonder) hair, but she said it wasn’t and came round from behind the desk to look at me.  After a couple of minutes of being scrutinised, I suggested that it might be weight loss.  She gasped and laughed and said ‘that’s what it is … you’ve lost loads, you look great’.  So that brought a smile to my chops!  And then, five minutes later, one of my clients walked into the meeting room and was about to introduce himself formally because he thought I was someone he’d not met before.  Not bad for a morning’s work, eh?

I need that sort of encouragement.  I was pondering idly in the shower this morning that I’ve been doing this for a bloody long time now.  I’m over the four month mark … for the amount of weight I’ve lost (almost 6 stone) that’s not very long, but in terms of daily eating, drinking and socialising it’s starting to feel like a lifetime.  But if the day comes when I get into Gap trousers that claim to be a size 12, it will all have been worth it.


One Response to “Days 121 to 122 – Ups & Downs”

  1. Paul S Says:

    I just thought I would post to thank you for documenting your time on lighterlife. You have done remarkably well, I am writing this at day 10 of my lighterlife program and thinking I am missing food etc, and then read something like your blog and it helps me along, thanks for posting and many congratulations on your superb weight loss.

    Well done and thanks.

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