The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day 116 – Summoning The Energy 6 June 2008

Thank heavens it’s Friday.  I’m absolutely shattered.  I’ve been half asleep and overtired all week.  This may be down to not sleeping in my own bed, or my OCD-style cleaning binges in the small hours, or the fact that over the last 16 weeks I’ve consumed less calories than your average gerbil.  Whatever it is, I’m really running out of steam, and I’m normally quite lively.

I’m well aware that I need to do more exercise.  I’m still walking much more than I ever used to, but I really ought to be doing something more substantial than that.  The trouble is, I’m in that vicious circle of needing to exercise to build up my energy, but not having the energy to do the exercise in the first place.  I’ve made a pact with myself that I will definitely attack this in my first week of management when I’ve increased my calorie intake.  Until then, unfortunately, I’m going to be a bit dozy.  I wonder if spending a long time on this diet actually has a cumulative effect on your energy, or if I’m just feeling a bit over the whole thing this week and it’s making me sluggish … whatever the reason I desperately need to slap a grin on my face and rediscover my inner bounce!

This weekend is going to be as chaotic as the last.  I’ve got to do more DIY at my house in preparation for the arrival of the decorators in a week’s time.  Actually I’m quite excited … some of the new radiators are up (it’s tragic to be excited by radiators, but welcome to my world) and I want to have a poke around and imagine what the place will look like when it’s done.  If only that didn’t also involve shifting packing crates and boxes … boo …

On a more positive (and probably more interesting) note I’m meeting a friend tonight that I’ve not seen since Christmas.  He’s one of those super-fit types (I’ve seen more fat on a chip) and has often badgered me to give up my bad habits and get healthy.  I’ve told him that I have a surprise for him … he’s assuming that I’ve got engaged or I’m pregnant or something so I don’t think he’s going to guess.  I can’t wait to see his reaction … knowing my luck he’ll barely notice.

I’m also having my hair done over the weekend, so while I’m shifing my life’s possessions around the house I can figure out what to do with it.  Having just grown my hair to a respectable shoulder length, there’s a big part of me that’s tempted to cut the whole lot off.  Not only is it a big statement (in keeping with the weight loss) but I can now probably carry off a cute, elfin haircut because my face no longer resembles a football and I only have the one chin.  Maybe I’ll let my hairdresser decide … and maybe I’ll just come out with an identikit version of the haircut I have already when my bravery deserts me 🙂

Only five more weekends in abstinence … so here goes nothing!


2 Responses to “Day 116 – Summoning The Energy”

  1. Seonaid Says:

    I’ve just read through your blogs after finding it on the Lighterlife Community Forum. You are totally inspirational – I’m just starting week 4 and I can relate to so many of your blogs. Well done – you look fabulous! x

  2. Morwenna Ellis-Philips Says:

    Hi Joanne

    I am so sorry for my post on your about page, i meant to post it as a comment like this! I tried to delete it, but couldn’t find a way to do it, so if it is in the way, please feel free to delete it.


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