The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day 114 – Chocoholic Blues 4 June 2008

Wahey … sunshine!  Although I did pick up Metro on the tube this morning to be greeted with the cheery news that it will probably rain for the whole of June.  What joy.  Well, given that I don’t have anything that could be described as a winter wardrobe any more, I’ll just have to dress for summer whatever happens and bloody well get wet.

I’ve noticed a strange new phenomenon.  I’m desperately craving chocolate.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m more of a savoury person and have never been one of those people who sit in front of the TV chomping through a massive bar of Galaxy (whatever their advertising might tell you).  Or, to quote the Boy, I’m not a big chocolate woman (that’s one of his favourite gags, by the way, if you want an insight into the level of comedic brilliance in our household).  But at the moment the thought of chocolate is driving me crazy.  I moved into my Dad’s flat at the weekend and the fridge contained nothing but a tub of margarine, a bottle of vodka, a jar of mustard and half a bar of Green & Black’s (I thought it was quite a rock & roll bachelor fridge but the chocolate let him down slightly).  After about two hours of the chocolate calling my name I had to throw it away (sorry, Dad).  In the outside bin.  What the hell’s going on?  I’ve had chocolate sitting in my own fridge and have ignored it quite happily throughout the diet … in fact, it’s been there since Christmas if that gives you an idea of how little of the stuff I actually eat.  Now I think I know how pregnant women feel when they suddely start craving gherkin and jam sandwiches … my body is making things up as it goes along.

I’ve said before that my tastes have become noticeably sweeter since the diet began (I’m now on a combination of vanilla, banana and chocolate shakes with only one savoury soup a day) but this is quite extreme.  I’m seriously thinking about giving up the chocolate shakes as I think they may be making the problem worse.  Either that or I’m going to have to be physically restrained from hurling myself into the nearest newsagent and bingeing on the stuff until I’m sick.  And the worst news is that if I stick to the rules I’m not allowed any chocolate until the end of management, which for me will be the end of September!  I’ll be in a loony bin by then, at this rate …

Other than that, things are going swimmingly.  The end is tantalisingly in sight, and I’m concentrating my energies on remaining focused until that point.  I know that it’s sorely tempting to duck out slightly early, but I’ll kick myself forever if I do that.  And how pathetic is it to achieve four long months on this thing and wimp out with a few weeks to go?  So that’s not going to happen (I hope).

And I’m wearing my new jeans in the office today … so far so good … do I dare the denim skirt next week?


One Response to “Day 114 – Chocoholic Blues”

  1. MrsRawlinson Says:

    Hello there,

    I felt compelled to let you know that I’ve just spent the last 2 hours of my life reading your inspiring, entertaining and incredibly insightful blog and I must say I’ve been quite spellbound it. The honesty with which you recount your journey is so easy to identify with that there are some bits I might conceivably have written myself. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I look forward to reading the final few chapters!

    With best wishes and lots of luck,

    MrsRawlinson (Day 2!)

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