The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day 109 – Brain Like A Sieve 30 May 2008

Well, after over 16 weeks on this diet, it finally happened.  I came to work without any packs!  I have to say, given that I can be a bit ditzy at the best of times, I’m bloody surprised that I’ve not done it before.  My excuse is that I had to chivvy the Boy off to Chicago this morning, so I was busy finding phone chargers and packing toothbrushes and that kind of thing.  Thankfully I had my breakfast shake, so I’m not fainting from starvation, but I am getting extremely peckish!  I’m staving it off with water and coffee and my lovely boss has said that I can go home whenever I want and work from there.

So why am I still at my desk, I hear you cry?  The absolute truth is that I’m waiting for my very first delivery from  As I’m still living in two pairs of jeans (one on, one in the wash) I decided it was safe to get another pair as I don’t think I’m going to shrink sufficiently in the coming weeks for them to be wasted.  And given my new-found taste for fashion, I’ve purchased some ‘boyfriend’ jeans (for a very reasonable £28).  They’re going to be quite baggy and loose fitting … exactly the kind of thing that would’ve made my legs look large enough to tempt passing lumberjacks in the past.  But now I’m going to give them a go … like my adventurous maxi dress purchase a few weeks ago, there’s a high possibility that they’ll go straight back, but you have to try these things!

Tonight I’m off to the official opening of my friend’s Soho bar, which means more avoidance of cocktails.  I’ve been a bit of a coward on Friday nights since this began, to be honest, and skulked off home claiming diet fatigue and the like.  But I’m not going to miss tonight for the world … you can’t let your friends down simply because you’ve got to steer clear of the booze, can you?  The mantra ‘you can have one in a few weeks’ will be going round and round inside my head when the Manhattans start flowing … I’m still a little bit disconcerted that I’ve actually found avoiding alcohol harder than avoiding food.  I guess it’s the social nature of drinking that’s the problem, and the effect that it has on people around you.  I mean, you can happily converse and socialise with people irrespective of how much food they’ve consumed, but once they’ve fallen off their cliffs into drunken oblivion it’s like trying to engage with Martians.  But tonight promises to be fun despite my enforced sobriety, and I can guarantee I’ll be the only one without a whopping hangover in the morning.

Given that the Boy is now away for ten days, I’m free as a bird all weekend (and secretly looking forward to it).  The tomboy in me is going to decorate my kitchen with a bit of help from my Mum, and then the girl in me is going to indulge in the backlog of Next Top Models and Project Runways that are clogging up my Sky+.  I might even sneak off to the cinema to see the new Sex & The City film, all by myself, although I have a phenomenal weakness for popcorn so I may well have to wear a peg on my nose.  Now that would be stylish.

Oh la .. the jeans are here … right, I’m off home to try them on.  I mean, I’m off home to get my foodpacks and do some work … 🙂


One Response to “Day 109 – Brain Like A Sieve”

  1. Anna Says:


    I just wanted to let you know that I have been having a hard time in the last couple of days but I have spent a good hour during the course of today reading your blogs from start to finish. You have really inspired me and I want to thank you for that, your witty writing and honesty will carry me forward the next week.

    Thank you again and congratulations so far!

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