The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days 106 & 107 – Black And Blue 28 May 2008

I looked down at myself in the shower this morning and had something of a fright.  I’m absolutely covered in bruises.  Doubtless this has something to do with the fact that I was shifting furniture and packing crates all weekend, but I’ve never bruised like this before.  I look like a slightly chubby Amy Winehouse impersonator.  I know that some other lighter lifers have mentioned their tendency to bruise more easily, but it hadn’t really affected me until now.  I have absolutely no idea why this diet might cause it to happen, but at the moment my legs and arms don’t look particularly great!  That said, I did notice that the weight seems to be shifting from my legs at long last (my knees look like knees, not like two dents in a sausage!) so perhaps some skirt wearing is imminent …

I had a lovely evening last night.  I met a friend I’ve not seen since Christmas and she was flabbergasted by the change in me.  She kept calling me ‘Mini Joe’ and insisting that I stand up and twirl round at regular intervals so that she could look at me.  I guess I’ve got used to the change in me being relatively gradual … it must be a hell of a shock if you’ve not seen me at all.  She interrogated me about how much I’d lost, what I weighed before, what I was aiming for etc.  That kind of question would’ve made me cringe in the bad old days, whereas now I feel confident enough to be very open about anything like that.  I think it might be my way of ensuring that I never go back there ever again.

While writing I’ve just received a hamper from Fortnum & Mason as a thank-you for tutoring on the course a couple of weeks ago.  It’s full of wine, champagne, biscuits, teas, preserves and chocolates … none of which I can touch for weeks and weeks and weeks!  What’s lovely, though, is that when I am able to eat those things I have some very high quality items on which to test my new food boundaries.  It’s quite a nice incentive to have, I think, and what’s fantastic is that I now know that I can trust myself not to go crazy and binge on anything in the hamper.  The only issue will be trying to stop the Boy from pilfering stuff while I’m not looking!


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