The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day Ninety Eight – The End Of Foundation! 20 May 2008

Foundation is over!  Well, OK, officially in two days’ time but 100 doesn’t divide neatly by 7.  In terms of the group sessions, I’m now in development.  My total loss over the foundation period was a whopping 5 stone 3 lbs (approximately 33 kg) and I’m absolutely ecstatic with that (especially given that you’re told to expect 3 stone).

Frankly, after last week, it was exactly the kind of milestone that I needed.  I now feel very fired up to continue for the next seven weeks (my self-imposed deadline) until management and the re-introduction of food.  I really did feel that I’d begun to lose it over the weekend and was a bit rudderless.  Now I’m more determined than ever.

I still feel uncomfortable about what I said in my last post.  It has never been my intention to lie or fudge the truth in this blog which is why I spoke about eating food.  My main concern is that I don’t want people who are undertaking this journey too (and some of you have been kind enough to tell me that you’re reading this) to feel that I’ve let myself (and them) down or, worse, for them to think that it’s therefore OK to break abstinence.  It has taken a colossal effort of will to stay on track after what seemed like an innocuous plate of fish and salad and, if I’m honest, I’ll always feel that in some way I ‘failed’ because I didn’t have a straight run at the 100 days.  Abstinence is at the core of this diet and without adhering to it you’re likely to experience all of the drawbacks without the results, not to mention the risk of clocking up a failed diet … and for some of us that will be the umpteenth failure among many.  This diet is about so much more than just the weight loss.  It really challenges you to improve your view of yourself, your understanding of your behaviour and your outlook on life in general.  So for those of you who are on the journey too, damn well stick at it!  You deserve to succeed.

OK, rant over.  Like I said, I’ve been wrestling with this for a few days now.  I think it’s time to move on and face the coming weeks with steely determination and a clear view on my ever approaching goal.  Onwards and bloody well upwards.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I had my ‘after’ photo taken tonight.  I haven’t seen it yet, nor have I seen the ‘before’ one (they don’t show you until after foundation).  As soon as I receive copies I’ll post them on here … my technical prowess permitting!


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