The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day Eighty Nine – Flabbergasted 10 May 2008

I’ve just been to see my counsellor as I’m on a course next week and needed to stock up on some food.  Since my last weigh-in, almost two weeks ago, I’ve shifted another 4.6kg or 10lbs.  Because I’ve been hopping on and off my bathroom scales I had the feeling that my weight loss would’ve been minimal, but I’m blown away.  Granted, I was weighed in the morning and I’m normally weighed at night, but it’s still impressive.  This means that I only have 18kg or 40lbs left until my target … which is less than 3 stone!  So I’m going to power through the next 8 weeks and damn well get there. 

This is just the impetus that I need as the next ten days are going to be really hard.  The course I’m going on is in a lovely hotel in the middle of nowhere, with delicious food and ample supplies of booze on tap.  It’s a really sociable event … I’m tutoring on it and did last year too … so it’s going to really test my mettle not to be tempted to break the diet.  Then, when that little challenge is over, I’m off to a festival over the weekend with a bunch of mates who will, without doubt, be spending the vast majority of the weekend with a beer in their hands.  So I get to be the freaky, sober, non-eating weirdo for three whole days.  Deep joy.

But only eight weeks to go!  Wish me luck …


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