The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day Seventy Eight – The Home Straight 29 April 2008

Another weigh-in last night and another 4 lbs gone.  So I’ve passed another marker – 4 stone.  Hooray for me!  I also can’t believe that I’ve been doing this for almost eighty days now.  How does time go so fast?

Our group wasn’t really a group last night … one was away, one was early, one was late and it was just me!  So I picked up my food and had a chat with the counsellor.  She was asking me what I’d learned over the past weeks and it was really interesting to think about that.  So, once again, I left the group feeling really positive and geared up for this week.

I forgot to mention that the Boy bought me a brilliant present.  I’d mentioned that I wanted to drink more sparkling water at home (as I get bored with tap water at the weekend and sometimes struggle to do the requisite 4 litres).  Last week a large package turned up on my desk.  He bought me a sodastream!  Now, I’ve not seen one of those since I was a kid and we had one at home, but it’s brilliant!  So now I have chilled sparkling water on tap at home, and mighty happy it’s made me too.

Who would’ve thought that I could get so excited about water?  I think that might be more than slightly tragic …


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