The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days Seventy Four to Seventy Seven – Boobs, Booze & Babies 28 April 2008

Another Monday, another imminent weigh-in.  I’m excited, as usual, and this week I’m not worried about the loss being a small one.  I have to concentrate on the bigger picture, and with the beginning of May approaching that really means that the end is in sight.  Also, for the first time in years, the advent of warmer weather is making me excited about baring my new frame in public (not completely, you understand …).

I went to good old M&S in the week to find out what my bra size is.  I was delighted to find out that I’ve gone from a 40D to a 36E!  So that means that I’m losing it where I want to without turning myself into an ironing board in the process!  Given that it’s likely to change again I bought four sets of underwear … and, as is becoming a theme with this diet, was delighted at how inexpensive it was.  You really do need bigger wallets for bigger sizes … and to say that being a 36 has opened up my choices is an understatement.  I really had to resist the temptation to go crazy.  I still haven’t quite summoned the courage to throw out my old underwear, though.  Some of it is really nice … but I guess if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit.  And I have to say that a well-fitting bra has done wonders for my silhouette.  Yippee!

Saturday night brought yet another birthday party and yet another opportunity for everyone else to get happily smashed while I stuck to the water.  Oh well … I should be used to it by now, although I have to say that I’m so far into this now that it’s sorely tempting to break the rules, or at least bend them.  I feel the same way about food, too.  I think it’s because I feel like such a different person and the end is in sight … even though I still have a long way to go I no longer look in the mirror and feel such a sense of disgust that I swear blind I’ll not touch a scrap of food!  I didn’t anticipate that it would get harder to keep to this as time went on … I assumed the first week or so would be the real test.  But I need to stay focused and that’s what I’m going to do.  I was especially spurred on by the fact that two separate people who were standing behind me didn’t actually recognise that it was me … that’s pretty motivating.

My sister came round on Sunday with the baby.  I’ve not seen him for a few weeks.  He’s now ten weeks old and absolutely massive … my arm nearly fell off after holding him for an hour or so.  But he’s gorgeous.  I had a comedy moment with my sister because she’d been in the house for about ten minutes or so when she suddenly stopped mid-sentence, swore loudly and commented that I’d lost ‘shitloads of weight’.  It was hilarious.  She was incredibly positive … I had wondered how she would react given that she’s always been ‘the thin one’, but I needn’t have worried.  Her response was very encouraging.

I also saw my Dad on Sunday.  He admitted that, although they would never have dreamed of saying anything to me, my weight had long been a cause of real concern for both of my parents.  I’m glad he told me that, and even more glad that they didn’t get on my case.  I realised a while ago that I had to get to where I am now under my own steam.  No amount of badgering, interfering or cajoling would’ve made me take the decision to diet.  Well, it might have convinced me to start, but there’s no way it would’ve carried me through.  I would simply have notched up another failure.

So it’s been a busy few days but rewarding ones.  I passed two milestones … on Monday I passed the halfway point in terms of the weight I want to lose, and on Friday I passed the halfway point in terms of the time I want to spend on the diet.  Looks like I’m on track and, frankly, don’t stop me now …


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