The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day Seventy One – Getting A Grip 22 April 2008

Well clearly I was on a bit of a downer yesterday.  But I needn’t have worried.  I lost another 6 lbs, which more than makes up for last week.  Having done a bit of re-calculation (we’re weighed in kg, which is actually easier) my total loss in 10 weeks is now exactly 25kg/55lbs/3 stone 13 lbs.  That puts me on the home strait as I’m slightly over halfway to my target.  Hooray!  And with 11 weeks to go (4 in foundation then 7 in development) before the management phase when I re-introduce food, I’m definitely on track.  I can’t tell you how good that feels … I’m practically jumping for joy!  And without risking cracking the kitchen tiles when I do so, too … 🙂

We had a really positive group meeting last night, despite slightly diminished numbers.  We only have three more meetings to go as a foundation group, which is fantastic but a bit sad at the same time.  Obviously you get very close to the women in your group and, though some of us will go into the development stage together, it’s not going to be quite the same.  I think we should all be very proud of ourselves, mind you.  We’ve come a long way and everyone is looking amazing.  Not only that, but we’ve discussed and worked through so many of the issues that have held us back for many years which, frankly, is arguably more important than the actual weight loss itself.  Hooray for us!

I had another friend over for dinner last night (to help us plough through the leftovers from Sunday!) and she was incredibly supportive.  I really have realised throughout this process what nice friends I have.  I’ve been lucky enough not to have experienced any of the negative responses that so many people do.  Without exception, people have applauded what I’m doing and spurred me on.  It would’ve been impossible if that weren’t the case.

She suggested that when this is over I treat myself to a Thai detox.  Twice in the last few years she has spent 10 days in a retreat in Koh Samui doing this.  It sounds terribly extravagant, but apparently it’s actually very cheap and very beneficial.  You basically eat fruit and veg only for a couple of days, then go into 8 days of fasting, i.e. drinking only detoxifying drinks.  It also entails DIY colonic irrigation twice a day for the duration.  Hmmm … I’m not sure I’m drop dead keen on that, especially after her rather lurid descriptions of what came out when she did it (er, everyone had finished eating by that point, thankfully).  Maybe I’ll think about it, but the thought of abstaining from food again in the foreseeable future isn’t particularly appealing right now!

So … I’m embarking on my eleventh week in a very positive frame of mind.  Downhill all the way from now on …


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