The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days Sixty Five to Sixty Seven – Being Firm 18 April 2008

Hooray … another Friday!  My tenth Friday on this diet, no less.  And, all told, it’s been a pretty good week.

Dinner with the Boy’s family was fun.  They were very complimentary about my weight loss and my willpower.  His Mum said she thought I had real strength of character, which was nice.  I needed all of that strength, too, as the steak that his Dad was eating looked particularly appetising.  I’m lucky in that I’m not desperately craving food, but these days when I see it I do think ‘oooh, that looks tasty, I’d like a bit of that’.  I guess that’s normal.  Abstaining from what everyone else eats on a daily basis is quite a drastic thing to do, after all.

I also did invest in the MBT walking shoes.  I broke them in on Tuesday night which meant I only managed to walk home as far as Vauxhall before my heels threatened to blister, but it was worth it.  They put a weird kind of spring in your step and you do become more conscious of the way that you walk.  They didn’t make my calves ache, as I’d been warned they might, but they have made a significant difference to my bum!  Without giving you too much information, it feels more solid.  Mmm … nice mental image for you there.

Their firming effect is a bloody good thing.  One of my main concerns about this diet was (and still is) the effect that it might have on my skin.  Clearly, fast and drastic weight loss has implications for how you will look afterwards … at worst, you’ll look like a deflated balloon.  I’ve been doing everything I can to avoid that and have been slathering myself in all manner of lotions and potions, as well as doing specific exercises to tighten up the squidgier parts of me.  I was recommended to try Bio Oil so I’ve been covering myself in that when I get out of the shower in the morning.  To be honest, it’s absurdly expensive and I’m not sure that it has any firming effect per se, but the daily massage can’t be a bad thing and my skin is lovely and soft.  No more scratchy elbows for me!  In the evenings I’ve been moisturising again before bed, which is a bit of a faff but could make all the difference.  A decent covering of Cocoa Butter Firming Lotion is good, although you do go to bed smelling like a gigantic chocolate and it plays hell with the sheets, even if you do wait ages for it to soak in.  I’ve also been using a variety of Dr Hauschka oils (Rosemary and Blackthorn, to be precise) and Neal’s Yard Rosehip oil which is supposed to be good for evening your skin tone and improving the appearance of any dreaded stretch marks.  I used to consider myself quite a low-maintenance kind of a chick, but now my bedroom is overflowing with all manner of strange unguents.  Fingers crossed that at least some of the effort pays off … I have to be poolside in August (gulp) and the saggy turkey look is not a good one.

I was in Amsterdam again yesterday and managed the regime adjustment with no problems at all.  I’m getting so used to this now that things like that are quite easy.  Although there were some very nice looking tomato, basil and mozzarella sandwiches on the go at lunchtime!  But not for me and my trusty food bar.  On the way home I caught up with a friend and ex-client that I’ve not seen for a few weeks and her response to the change in me made it all worth it.  She’s a very driven and motivated person, and I’m still brimming over with my new-found enthusiasm for life in general, so we sat in a cafe in South Kensington and were sickeningly positive all evening.  I apologise retrospectively to anyone sitting within earshot if our enthusiasm put you off your dinner.

And now it’s almost the weekend.  I’ve got a full house for lunch on Sunday and can’t wait to cook.  I was thinking optimistically about a barbecue but, frankly, I think we’d be risking hypothermia.  So maybe it will be the last roast of the season instead.  Washed down with my beloved red wine … oh, I do miss it so!


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