The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days Sixty Three to Sixty Four – Boo, hiss! 15 April 2008

Well, another group meeting and another weigh-in.  I’ve lost a disappointing 2 lbs, which is the lowest so far.  My counsellor said it was probably due to the fact that I’ve started exercising, and I’m sure she’s right.  Well, that’s what I have to tell myself to make sure that I don’t get disheartened!  To be fair, I did walk the best part of 15 miles last week so I’m sure that’s had an effect on me somehow.  And it would be crazy to stop exercising just to keep the pounds falling off.  So I’m upping the water and getting on with it.

On a more positive note, I was measured.  Since starting this diet I’ve lost 8cm (about 3in) from my bust, 16cm (about 6in) from my hips and a colossal 16.5cm (about 6.5 in) from my waist.  That’s phenomenal!  It’s true … I am indeed the incredible shrinking woman.  That, coupled with a weight loss of 22kg, or 3 stone 6 lbs, isn’t bad going for 9 weeks.  The bad news for my wallet is that very soon I’m going to have to buy some new bras.  I’m not the robust 40D that I used to be!  I’m getting by on doing them up on the tightest setting (because I’m very particular about my underwear and have some very lovely, expensive stuff) but I think that soon they’ll have to go too.  I was looking in the mirror this morning and I’m just not filling them like I used to (more’s the pity!).  So I suppose I’ll have to buy some boring old interim undies from M&S and replenish the nice stuff when the diet is over.  And the prettiest underwear in the world will never look great on a pudgy body, will it?

The walking’s going well.  I’m really enjoying it, and my muscles don’t hate me as much as they did last week.  The weather is perfect for it too … it’s cold enough to prevent you sweating like a pig after twenty minutes and sunny enough to lift your spirits.  Long may the rain stay away!  I’m even thinking about investing in those special MBT shoes that are designed to work your body harder and better when you’re walking … they’re not the prettiest things in the world but they can’t be worse than my running shoes, which are ugly as all hell.  And if I fork out for those then I will feel duty bound to keep on walking.

We’re astonishingly close to the end of our foundation period.  It will be sad when the group disbands because some are going into development, some into management and some finishing completely.  I’m going to hang on in there.  I’d be crazy not to, to be honest, and I really want to get the most out of this experience.  That said, I’m getting more and more keen to eat food again.  It’s not hunger, just boredom.  Nine weeks is a hell of a long time to go without conventional food (that expression still makes me laugh).

Apparently there was an Inside Out documentary on last week about lighter life which, unsurprisingly, didn’t paint it in a very good light.  From what I’ve heard and read about it, they managed to find and film a couple of rogue counsellors who weren’t playing by the rules (taking the blood pressure of the clients themselves rather than insisting it’s done by a medical professional, for example), didn’t fully explain some of the less pleasant side effects (possible hair loss, disruption of menstrual cycles etc.) and, of course, shared a few horror stories (like a man who drank so much water he ended up in hospital … er, before going straight back on to the diet, by the way!).  Now, clearly it’s legitimate to discuss such things as this diet in the public forum, but my overwhelming concern is that the programme might put people off … people who, like me, would possibly have joined a good group, with an excellent counsellor, and experienced real benefits to their physical health and mental wellbeing.  That would be a terrible pity.  I also feel that, with the growing concern about obesity in this country, that a more positive attempt to understand diets like this might have been more beneficial.  I know that people have to make their own minds up … but if you’re contemplating this diet then don’t let that negative publicity put you off!  Go and meet your counsellor and decide for yourself.  There are countless people out there for whom this has been the best decision of their lives.

Blimey … I can still be that positive after my puny loss this week!  That’s saying something …

I’m having dinner with the Boy’s parents this evening.  I’ve not seen them since the very early days of the diet, so I’m hoping they’ll notice the difference.  It’s easy to forget how drastic the change is to people who don’t see you all the time.  I changed my facebook picture yesterday and that’s resulted in a flurry of emails about how different I look, which I genuinely didn’t expect (especially as the previous picture was years old and carefully chosen to be as flattering as possible!).  That’s the kind of motivation I need, and very grateful I am for it too.


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