The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days Fifty One to Fifty Two – Diet Weary 3 April 2008

I’m missing food.  I’m not hungry, and haven’t been throughout this, but I’m missing it at the moment.  I’m convinced it’s purely through a lack of variety … I’ve never stuck to one type of food for so long before, as I tend to eat a wide range of things.  I’m hoping it’s just a temporary feeling because it’s going to be almost impossible to keep going if it gets worse!

I walked home, as planned, on Tuesday night.  It took me exactly an hour and twenty minutes to cover 7km, and I felt bloody good at the end of it.  It helped that it was a beautiful evening to stroll along the Thames, and that I had my friend Ana for company for most of it.  I’m definitely going to do that again and try and make it a regular part of my routine.  If I didn’t struggle so much with getting up in the morning then I’d definitely walk in too.  It beats getting the tube, that’s for sure.

I spent yesterday on an all-day course and, although I was conscious of drinking much more water than everyone else, there were no diet issues.  When we broke for lunch, half of the group were engrossed in their blackberries and busy on their mobiles so I managed to subtly mix up a soup and drink it without anyone really noticing I wasn’t tucking into the sandwiches.  Although the hot water was in one of those stainless steel dispensers and was lukewarm … I don’t recommend chicken soup at that temperature.  I swallowed it in about three mouthfuls as it really was quite unpleasant.

A friend I’ve not seen for ages was on the course and she was very complimentary about my weight loss and very interested in the diet.  I think I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve not received any real criticism (or sabotage) from the people around me.  Maybe I just have lovely friends!  I’m glad, though … even though I’m sure I’m tough enough to ignore any negative comments, there’s always the risk that they’ll catch you in a weak moment and twist your thinking.  I absolutely can’t let that happen.

I’m due at quite a formal party this evening, which will be a bit awkward as we all know that a few glasses of champagne can really help in those situations!  The truth is, though, that I’m so knackered today that I may well have to make my excuses.  Frankly, all I’m really ready for is bed …


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