The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days Forty Nine to Fifty – Halfway Through Foundation! 1 April 2008

Day fifty!  I can’t believe it.  When I first embarked on this, the 100 days of foundation seemed like an eternity, and here I am at the halfway stage.  It’s funny to think I’ve eaten nothing but lighter life food now for a whopping 7 weeks.  I’m going to be mighty bored of it by the time this is all over.  That said, I mixed hot coffee with a vanilla shake this morning and got very excited about how nice it was … then felt really queasy for half an hour.  What’s that all about?

The Boy had curry on Sunday night (his first for a long time) and, for once, it didn’t make me feel like sobbing with envy.  I think I’ve got used to the whole food voyeurism thing.  I did dab my tongue on the end of his spoon, though.  Does that count as cheating?  I can only have consumed a microscopic amount.  The crazy thing was that I could taste all the different flavours in it … it didn’t make me jealous, just made me wonder when I’d next have a Madras all to myself.  Or a Dansak … that would be heaven!

I went to Amsterdam for a meeting yesterday which meant a 6.30am flight from Heathrow, and a 4am wake-up call.  Ugh.  I was worried that it would play havoc with my diet regime, simply in terms of the times that I’ve got used to eating.  I have to say that it wasn’t much fun swigging down a sickly banana shake at that ungodly hour, but I knew I had to do it to avoid being starving hungry later on.  I dismissed the breakfast on the plane and stuck to coffee (it’s pretty easy to turn down airline food!) but was really quite hungry by about 10am.  My guess about the change in routine was right.

I only had a mildly sticky moment when we were all invited to the buffet-style canteen for lunch, courtesy of the client.  I simply explained (briefly) about the diet to a couple of people and quietly munched on my meal bar.  They were having open sandwiches involving cold meat, cheese, salad and some Dutch croquettes made of mashed potato and meat.  I wouldn’t have minded trying it (as my knowledge of Dutch cuisine is minimal) but I wasn’t heartbroken.  I had actually taken soups and my trusty mixer with me, but really couldn’t be bothered with all the faff.  Gallons of tea and water did the trick instead … and I was delighted to have a soup when I got home that evening.  The nice thing was that nobody commented.  They were all too polite!

I cooked last night again.  This is definitely good therapy for me.  I made scallops and prawns in an improvised Asian sauce (sesame oil, tamari, lime juice, chilli … that kind of thing) with salad.  Apparently it was really nice (although the Boy did keep exclaiming ‘oh, this is disgusting’ between mouthfuls as I was literally inhaling the fumes from around his plate).  Oh well, another new (and very healthy) recipe to try when I’m done.  Perhaps I’ll compile my own cookbook 🙂

It was a bit of a downer not going to the group last night due to my trip, as I really missed seeing everyone and am clearly curious about my weight loss.  I’m hopeful that this will mean dramatically increased loss next Monday and I’ll feel very chuffed with myself.

I slept like the dead and was late for work (again) but nobody minded as they all knew about the 4am start, and they’re sympathetic about my reduced calorie intake.  If the weather holds out I’m going to walk home this evening and I’m really looking forward to it.  Knowing my luck it’ll start pissing down at about 6 o’clock … keep ’em crossed!


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