The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days Forty Six to Forty Eight – Hurdles and Happiness 30 March 2008

Phew … what a week last week turned out to be!  For reasons that are far too boring to go into, I had lots of disasters at work at the end of last week which made it very stressful indeed.  Now, my job means that I’m used to dealing with problems (I work for a London advertising agency) but flak seemed to be coming at me in waves.  Nothing was my fault, but all of it was my problem!  But I gritted my teeth and dealt with it.  I’m certain that my relentlessly positive frame of mind made it all much easier to manage.  This diet has really helped me to sharpen my perspective when it comes to things like that.  I feel much more focused, much more directed and more able to distinguish wood from trees these days.  That said, I was still bloody delighted when I finally shut the office door behind me on Friday evening.  I even treated myself to a cab home with impunity.

We went to see the Masque of the Red Death on Friday night, and I highly recommend it.  Indulging in a bit of culture at the end of the week is far more pleasant than standing in a pub watching everyone else get battered, I promise you.  I even walked (25 minutes!) to the theatre rather than getting the bus.  Walking really is the way forward.  Stick your ipod in and off you go … it’s very energising and you can almost feel the calories melting away with every step.  My plan is to attempt walking home from work a few evenings a week (I’ve still been unable to contemplate the hateful gym) if it stops raining for five minutes.  It’s a good hour to hour and a half’s walk, but most of it will be along the Thames which will be gorgeous.  So I’m resolved to give that a go next week … and one of my friends said she’d like to walk with me too.  I’m actually looking forward to it.

I also found a really good lighter life community forum (there’s a link to it in my blogroll) and have been talking to other women who are doing this diet too.  It’s a welcome relief to feel some solidarity with these people and share in their positivity.  There are so many anti-lighter life sites on the web but, without being terribly critical, the stories of failure and colossal weight gain all seem to come from people who have kind of dipped in and out of this diet, left it early or not completed the management phase when food is re-introduced.  Surely that’s the most important bit?  I’m going to steer clear of those sites … everyone is entitled to their point of view but I can’t let myself get sabotaged by a fear that this isn’t going to work.  I’m going to make it bloody work if it kills me.  Well, not literally … 

I went shopping yesterday, which made me grin from ear to ear.  I’m officially two sizes smaller on my bottom half, and a size smaller on my top (I have big ribs and fairly substantial boobs so no surprise there!) and trying clothes on was bliss.  Of course, I’m still much bigger than everyone else, but to me the difference is significant.  I even went into a couple of shops that I’ve not been in for years and didn’t have that nagging feeling that I didn’t belong there.  I did try to run before I could walk, though, and made two ‘adventurous’ skirt purchases (skirts?!) that, with hindsight, were a mistake.  They’re very pretty and would make a size 10 woman look very feminine.  On me, in the cold light of my bedroom mirror, they look like someone has wrapped a doily around a haggis.  So they’re going back in the week …

I also bought four pairs (er, they were quite cheap) of stupidly girly shoes.  I live and die in trainers, which isn’t great as they just make my legs look shorter and chubbier than they really are.  A bit of height definitely visually strips you of a pound or two and puts a confidence in your step … so from now on I’m going to dress like a woman and not a teenage skateboarder!  Although I wore a pair last night and they kept slipping off, so I was hobbling a little, but the effect was there nonetheless.  Might invest in some insoles with the spare change from returning those skirts!

Two events last night … an engagement party and drinks with another friend.  I’ve learnt that you can successfully disguise sparkling water as a gin & tonic with the simple aid of a tall glass and a straw, so I didn’t have to answer any tedious questions about not drinking.  Nobody actually commented on the weight loss (I need those compliments, dammit!) but my friend Tom kept looking at me weirdly and saying that I looked very different and very healthy.  Probably because my face is no longer smothered in a spare layer of lard.  That’ll do for me!

So now it’s Sunday, and I’ve skipped a boozy lunch in the pub (the Boy is delighted that he can go and have boys-y afternoons with my blessing) to get on with indulging my cleaning fetish.  The kitchen drawers are going to get the treatment this afternoon!  Unless the call of the TV gets too strong, that is.  Well, nobody’s perfect.


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