The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days Forty to Forty One – Living On Fresh Air 23 March 2008

I think I can just about continue my non-food diary without feeling a bit sick.  Since last writing, I’ve managed not to consume:

Cold meat with bubble and squeak; more croissants; a plate of seafood with French bread; three beers; samples of cured pork in a street market; bloody marys; artichokes with lemon and butter sauce; roast pork (in cider and cinammon, cooked by yours truly and one of my favourites) with mashed potato and vegetables; gallons of red wine and the first glimpses of Easter chocolate.  There’s also home-made carrot cake for everyone else later today too … another favourite!

I served up dinner last night having spent hours in the kitchen (I’m lucky in that preparing food is easy for me) and my Dad promised me he’d buy me a bottle of Cristal when this is all over.  Mmm … incentive number 146 to keep going.

So … all good … and I’m proving that it is possible to survive a holiday on this diet.  Obviously it’s not ideal, but it’s not been the hardship that I thought it might’ve been.  I keep thinking that next time I’m on holiday I’ll be able to enjoy all of these things with a clear conscience and a smaller waist, and that works for me.

Right … off for more coffee …


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