The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days Thirty Seven to Thirty Nine – Bonnes Vacances 21 March 2008

Bonjour!  Je suis en France … et je ne mange rien 🙂

I survived a nine hour train journey with a cranberry bar, gallons of coffee and the beautiful view of the countryside to tide me over, ignoring the copious amounts of biscuits and god knows what else that my fellow passengers were consuming.  I decided then to keep an anti-food diary, based on the gastronomic delights (should that be calorific delights?) that I would’ve eaten during this holiday.  Therefore, since arriving in Amelie-les-Bains, I have not eaten (or drunk):

Rare steak and chips (probably with a fried egg on top because my Dad had one and it looked nice); a croissant with jam; my share of a platter of fresh oysters, prawns and whelks; three glasses of Muscat; an assortment of charcuterie with fresh bread and gherkins; roast lamb with roast potatoes and vegetables; some fine French cheeses; a selection of cakes from the local patisserie; another croissant with cheese; pate and cold meat with a chunk of baguette; some fresh local goats’ cheese; approximately three beers and probably two bottles of wine.

And I’ve only been here for two days!

On the plus side, I’ve sampled lots of delicious French coffee (when did ‘une grande cafe’ become ‘une cafe longue’?  Bloody Starbucks, probably), drunk Perrier until it comes out of my ears and learnt how to ask for different types of herbal tea in French.  Whoop whoop!  We’ve also been going on fantastic long walks in the mountains and getting lots of fresh air … the kind of walks that would’ve had me puffing and panting only a couple of months ago.  So it’s all bloody worth it … and the cheese and muscat can go hang!  Er … until I come back here after the diet and feed my face like a woman possessed …

The great thing is that, because of the bank holiday, my next weigh-in will mark the end of 7 weeks … halfway through the first 100 days.  Clearly, unless I lose a limb, I’m not going to reach my target weight by the end of that time, but it’s a significant milestone.  Given that I intend to be diet-free by the time I go on holiday in August, I’ve calculated that, from now, I have just over 18 weeks to go.  I’m going to stop then, come hell or high water.  So I’m almost a quarter of the total way through.  It seems achievable when you think of it like that.

Anyway … back to the eau minerale …


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