The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days Twenty Nine to Thirty One – The Boredom Effect 13 March 2008

I’ve noticed just how much people stuff their faces when they’re bored.  I sat in an all day meeting on Tuesday and watched an array of people chomping steadily on croissants and pastries, a hefty lunch, cheese and fruit, cookies and more chocolate bars than are stocked in your average newsagent.  I don’t think there was a single minute in that whole day when at least one person wasn’t wiping some crumb or another from their lips.  I thought I’d feel envious, but I just felt amused.  I know that the theory of meetings is that you need energy (i.e. sugar!) in order to keep people alert, but it’s bollocks.  People crave the excuse to amble over to the food table and ponder the merits of a Twix vs. a Galaxy Caramel purely for a way to pass the time.  I’m not saying I’m any different … in fact I was a bit alarmed to think that normally I would’ve left the room having digested a sizeable amount of worthless sugary calories myself, given half the chance.  As it was, a soup and a nut bar more than sufficed, washed down with what felt like gallons of peppermint tea.

I went to a gig last night (the fantastic Jesus and Mary Chain at the Roundhouse, in fact) with some people that I’ve not seen for a very long time.  The fact that I wasn’t drinking raised an eyebrow or two, and one friend actually took a photo of me drinking mineral water as it’s such a hilarious rarity, but nobody else really commented.  I was thankful for that, as I didn’t want to get into the whole diet issue with everyone.  I guess that it’s not as unusual for people to spurn the booze these days and, at worst, they may just have thought that I’m actually a recovering alcoholic and were too polite to pass comment!  Hmmm … what’s more socially unacceptable?  Being overweight or being an alcoholic?

Other than that everything is still going well.  My new replacement jeans are not just slightly roomy, they’re too damn big.  I’m in that awkward phase between sizes, and resolved to the fact that I’ll look fairly badly dressed over the next few months, but that’s a tiny sacrifice.  As a friend put it, I’ll become well acquainted with H&M.  Well, H&M is considerably better than ‘those loathsome fat girl clothes’, as I heard them amusingly described by a dieter on TV the other day.

I even managed to stay up to 1am last night which is something of a novelty in these low calorie times …


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