The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day Twenty Eight – Bring On The Tape Measure! 10 March 2008

Another 4lbs gone (making it 26 in total in 4 weeks) … I’m ecstatic!  Almost two stone!  I was also measured this week, and I’ve lost 8.5cm from my hips.  No wonder my trousers were falling off.

A friend of mine who has also lost a considerable amount of weight told me that she cried when she first put on a pair of size 14 jeans.  I totally understand how she feels.  I can’t wait for my first spree around Top Shop.  I’ve also realised something … I have absolutely no idea what my personal style is.  In my younger (and thinner) days I was a goth for many years and draped myself in all manner of things black, velvety and lacy.  Then by the time I started dressing ‘normally’ I’d gained a load of weight and was immediately restricted to fat chick clothes.  So, as an adult, I’ve never had the freedom of the high street … isn’t that a crazy thought?  What if it turns out that I have no sense of style whatsoever?  That would be hilarious.  Perhaps people will come up to me and tell me that I looked better when I was fat … but I doubt it.  It can’t be true!

We talked a lot about focus tonight, and I really think that is the key to this.  All of the decision making about food has been removed … we know what we’ve been given to eat and we can’t cheat and think ‘oh, I’ll pick it up again tomorrow’ because that just doesn’t work.  You cheat, you’ve blown it for that week.  So the only decision we have to take is the one we’ve already taken, which is to stick at this until we’re healthier, happier and thinner.  It also occurred to me that the structure of the diet is really helpful.  We’re not told repeatedly that we have to lose x amount, because that seems like a mountainous effort, but we’re encouraged by what we’ve lost.  The truth of the matter doesn’t change, and the time it will take to reach our goals doesn’t either, but the week-by-week experience is a positive one.

Er … am I turning into a moonie?


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