The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day Twenty Two – On A Roll 5 March 2008

Another six pounds.  That’s a grand total of 22lbs/1st 8lbs/10 kilos in a measly three weeks.  I’m staggered.  There is now a realistic chance that I may shift all the required weight in six months (I’ve probably jinxed myself saying that) … I wish wish wish that I’d done this years ago, but maybe there was part of me that wasn’t ready to.

I’m going to start throwing clothes away.  I’m going to rearrange my wardrobe so that the biggest, ugliest and nastiest clothes are neatly queued up in the order that they’re going to hit the charity shop sack.  It’s a bit odd to think that in a few months time I may no longer possess any of the clothes that I do now.  I can honestly say that I won’t miss a single item.  And I’ll no longer be forced to buy overpriced, crappy and badly made clothes manufactured by people who know they have a captive audience that they can rip off at will.  Brilliant!


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