The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day Sixteen – The Purging Continues 28 February 2008

I cleared out the kitchen cupboards.  If I tell you that I found some couscous that went off in May 2006, you’ll get an idea of how overdue that was.  And how long is the shelf life of couscous anyway?  I worried that it would make me fixate on food, but it had the reverse effect of making me think about all the healthy things I can cook in the near future.

I’ve also found myself motivated to do those things that normally get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.  I’m finally going to redecorate the house (partly with professional help and partly through my own efforts) which is a colossal relief.  I’ve been living in half-decorated mess for over two years.  It’s amazing how you can get used to that, but I hate it!  This means that I need to keep clearing, keep throwing things out, keep cleaning the slate.  And I can barely wait to start.  In a funny way, long-term projects like that seem to shrink the length of time of the diet.  It’s easy to say ‘I’ll have the hallway done by June’ without thinking that it’s an eternity.  With a smaller waist, a nicer house and a more positive outlook, can I be the first person to wish everyone a Happy Christmas?


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