The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Days Eleven to Thirteen – Weird Weekend 25 February 2008

I’m worried that I’m turning into a bore.  Not only am I struggling with people being drunk around me (I tend to tut and cringe a bit when they get noisy) but I’m also knackered well before 11pm.  I know this is a short-term thing, but unless I snap out of it then there’s a chance I may end up thin but friendless.  Plus I’m big on cooking, and at the moment the last thing I feel like doing is inviting an army of friends over to cook them a roast while I sip soup!  And I’m only two weeks in … I knew that the tedium would get to me …

Amusingly I’ve developed something of a cleaning fetish.  Not only did I spend Saturday evening (how tragic!) deep cleaning the kitchen, but I then spent some considerable time over the weekend wandering around said kitchen and admiring my handiwork.  I even found myself happily disinfecting the already clean work surfaces before I went to bed last night.  This is highly unusual behaviour.  I can only think that the diet has put me in purge mode, and the house isn’t going to escape.

I still feel great, mind you.  All the water has, predictably, given my skin a radiance that a diet of red wine didn’t.  Energy is up (as is the sleep!) and I feel incredibly positive.  The only drawback is the fact that my hair is falling out a bit more than usual.  They warned us about this, but it’s still alarming.  Wigs, anyone?


2 Responses to “Days Eleven to Thirteen – Weird Weekend”

  1. beanpip Says:

    You sound like you are doing absolutely great – good for you! I met someone on who did Lighter Life for a while to really get her diet kick-started and did brilliantly on it so I’m sure you will too. I am currently dieting too and you are totally inspiring me! Keep up the great work! K xx

  2. Doman Says:

    Thanks very much! Are you on lighter life or doing something different? I hope you’re going well. x

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