The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Day Four – Booze blues 15 February 2008

I’d forgotten what it’s like to watch your nearest and dearest slide gracelessly from tipsy to plastered until last night.  There I was, like some puritanical killjoy, sipping on my mineral water and trying desperately to forget what a nice Shiraz tastes like.  Everyone else was tipping back the booze like it was going out of fashion.  It wouldn’t have been quite so bad were we not sitting in a pub with the dirtiest, smelliest toilets in the known world (toilets that I had to visit about four times thanks to the amount of water I was consuming, by the way) but the combination of sobriety, booze envy and thick wafts of stale piss made for an interesting evening, I can tell you.

But my first pub challenge is over!  Hooray!  And, frankly, I have no intention of locking myself in the house for the next umpteen weeks.

I feel like I’m in the routine now.  I’ve stopped idly wondering about Marks & Spencer’s sandwiches at lunchtime and just get on with the soup.  I’m looking forward to getting the bars, though, as not having any portable food is a real pain in the neck.  I was hungry for the first time in the pub last night and it would’ve been great to just dip into my bag rather than having to wait for a disappointing soup before bed.

I’m still feeling great, too.  I’m sleeping well (which I’d like to attribute to calorie depletion but is more likely down to the lack of booze) and have more energy.  I’m not exactly at the marathon running stage yet, clearly, but I’ve been trotting up more staircases than usual.

Today is going to be odd.  Friday means perhaps a pint at lunchtime, then definitely a few in the evening.  Not for me today.  Partly by luck and partly by engineering we’re going round to see my Mum this evening, where I will have the pleasure of watching her and the Boy eat a curry.  Now that is a test.  Actually, I suggested it, because the sooner people start treating my food abstinence as something normal rather than something disruptive then we can all get on with it.  So fingers crossed I won’t crack and binge on bhajis.

I also sneaked on to the scales last night, despite having resolved not to, but I don’t trust them so I’m going to keep schtum and wait for the weigh-in on Monday.


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